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About Us

Pet Connection Programs Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 maternity shelter for dogs with a spay/neuter assistance program for cats. 


We were founded in 1984 & have saved thousands of animals that had no place else to go since then. 

100% proceeds of the money raised at our fundraisers goes to our shelter animals & programs - .

When you make a purchase or donation, you are helping these programs including:

*S.A.M. (Save A Mom)

*Breed no More (For our shelter animals spay/neuter cost) 

*Pet Therapy (Visiting Nursing homes with puppies

*As well as the vetting and supplies needed to ensure the health and well-being of all of the mothers & their pups that we take in.


More about the programs we are involved in:


The Pet Food Bank: Our shelter was the first organization in Western N.Y to start a pet food bank and distribute food to the elderly, low income individuals and people who live in devastated areas. This service was developed to assist those who could not longer afford their pets. Since the pet sometimes is the only source of companionship and protection for the individual, we found it is important to everyone's well being. 

The Pet Therapeutic Program: We bring kitties or pups to the nursing homes for therapy reasons and the residents love holding the them. This program is very important, some residents do not have any family and this program has been a blessing for them. Please help us support this program or volunteer.


Support for these programs has dwindled over time and we need your help to continue with these projects.

If you donate through a United Way program at work, ask for a "Donors Choice Card" and put our program down on the card: "Pet Connection Pet Therapy Program".


Thank you to all of our generous donors and supporters! Without you, we would not be able to save the lives of the animals that need our help the most!

Our back yard fenced in yards that surround a spring fed pond for the dogs to play together & get exercise


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