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Donate to the shelter 


Since we started in 1984, we have saved the lives of thousands of animals that have had no place else to go...


Being a maternity dog shelter, our mothers and their litters require around-the-clock care and supervision. With the time, effort, supplies and vet care needed for each and every litter that we help, it is no surprise that the cost of this care is the reason we struggle to stay in operation.


We rely on the donations of our supporters, like you, to stay open.Your tax deductible donation in any amount will mean so much to the life of a rescued animal. All donations go towards our shelter animals and future rescue efforts. These pets deserve a chance to have a happily ever after. You can be the difference!


Thank you!!!

Join our 1000 Club  

If we can get 1000 people to donate $10.00 a month our shelter could continue to save lives.








send your donation to:

Pet Connection Programs Inc.

P.O.Box 149

Marilla, N.Y. 14102 


We also have automatic checking account withdraw  

Call the shelter at 716-652-0192

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