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A little goes a LONG way!

Select US as your designated agency!

The United Way is a Charitable Organization that donates much needed funds to local charities, and often partners with local corporations to have contributions deducted from elected employees who choose to help out their community!


For the price of a coffee once a week, you can help our Pet Therapeutic Program.


Pet Connection Programs, Inc. is a charitable agency of United Way and just by choosing us as your designated agency, you will be helping us make a difference in our community! We take time to visit local nursing homes, and bring our young animals to spend time with the residents. We aim to improve their health through interactions with the therapy animals. Many residents once had animals and never get the opportunity to interact with them anymore. Pet Connections Therapeutic Program helps bring joy in to their lives again!

How to donate:

Click Link below and scroll down to General Pledge Card

Print and fill out your information

 add Pet Connections Programs, Inc  on Full Agency Line

and give to your employer.

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