Save a Life!

There is an immediate crisis of unwanted animals being placed in kill shelters that use gas chambers, especially down South, they are so overcrowded with Hurricane rescued animals and people don^t spay or neuter.

This is how they die and if it doesn^t move you to tears to look at these pictures, there is something definitely wrong with you.

It has been reported that in some cases, the animals don’t breathe properly in the chamber, and don’t die but they are buried anyway, buried ALIVE.

We are trying to facilitate the rescues of as many animals as we can from these shelters and move them to safety, which is okay as a short term solution but not an end to the issue. Here are some of the statistics:

1. Just ONE of these shelters in Georgia last year they euthanized 11,000 animals.

2. About 20 out of 88 counties in Ohio use CO2 gas chambers to euthanize companion pets.

3. Chatham County North Carolina gasses about 98% of the animals who come into their shelter.

4. About 25-27 out of the 95 counties in Virginia use gas chambers

5. Hennepin County, Minnesota uses CO2 Chambers to gas approximately 10,000-12,000 companion pets annually.

We need to deal with the immediate need to get those animals out of these shelters. We need to put an end to the use of gas as a means of euthanasia.

Secondly, we need to end euthanasia as a form of pet population control.

The only humane choice to end the pet overpopulation is to have spaying and neutering programs implemented everywhere.

The only way to have this happen is through legislation, donations, media pressure and education.

This is the main reason for the construction project that we so desperately are trying to raise money for. $72,000 is needed to build a maternity room for cats and one for dogs

Updates are needed

Our dream is to have it completed by October.

The concrete floors have already been poured.

We need special walls that will not hold germs or diseases, can be easily washed. We are including outside kennel runs.

The plumbing, heating, air conditioning must be added or updated.

72 donors of $1,000 each are needed to complete the project.



Many tax-funded animal shelters in North Carolina still use carbon monoxide gas chambers to kill unwanted cats and dogs. This method is considered by many to be outdated and inhumane.

The Franklin County Animal Shelter is located in Louisburg, North Carolina. The gas chamber is used to euthanize approximately 3000 dogs and cats per year. This is just one facility! There are many, many more.

Animals in a gas chamber do not die quickly or painlessly. They struggle for breath.

They claw to get out.

They bite & claw at each other!

This is not a pretty site and will stay with you for a very long time. When animals inhale carbon monoxide, they can suffer convulsions, vomiting, angina, and muscular spasms.

Some will not die the first time. There is a better, more humane way, euthanasia by injection.If it must be done,this method takes only seconds.

Not only does the gas chamber kill the animals, unknowlingly, shelter workers are at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning when they unload the gas chamber, breathing in low levels of the gas on a regular basis. This can lead to many health problems, and even death.

Carbon monoxide is also extremely flammable, odorless, colorless, and difficult to detect. So even if they think they are doing something good, they are hurting themselves!

Here is some more dismal information: many of our animal shelters are extremely overcrowded and drastic measures are underway to ease this situation.Visiting a local shelter and documented what takes place there on a weekly basis.

Unadopted cats and dogs are killed to make room for new ones who will inherit the dingy cells of those who have passed.

The new animals will have as little as one week to find a home or be terminated.

Cats are given a shot, while the dogs are gassed.

Most animal shelters in the south are located next to garbage dumps....need we say more.

What are you going to do to help?

Each day that passes, there are hundreds more sent to their death!

You can make a difference.

We already have by finding homes for the puppies,momma dogs,kittens and momma cats that you've seen on our site.

They have been found homes, but to continue these rescues we need donations to stop the killing!

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