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Thank you - now let's save some animals!!

 800 dogs & cats are ApproximatelyKILLED 
each HOUR in the United States, 
because there are not enough homes for them! 
There is no excuse not to spay or neuter your pet

 Remember that when you adopt a rescue animal
you are actually saving the lives of two animals! 
The one you adopt 
the space left allows the rescue group 
to bring in 
save the life of another animal in need!


 Web page is updated everyday 

12935 Williston Rd
off of Two Rod Rd in Marilla
There is a sign out front -appointment only
There are no open hours 
This is a maternity shelter
so we do not always have dogs/puppies ready 
When there is a pup/dog posted on this web page
that you want to adopt then
 you must first - email us for a adoption application- 
Appointments are made in the order
you are approved on the day they go up for adoption
Shelter number-716- 652-0192
Must have drivers license with your current address
when you come out to adopt 
We are not just looking for a home,
we are looking for the right home
for their needs
Nellie is a 2 year old Bassett/Dalmatian mix  
Very short has a Bassett body
Weighs 35 pounds
She is super sweet
Doesn't even mind her nails trimmed
Loved the vet but some men scare her
till she gets to know them 
Good on a leash
Loves to sleep under the covers
has no problem with other dogs, cats or kids  
Adoption fee is $90.00 
includes - look below 
All adult dogs here go jogging 
by "Dash Dog Running" 

6 months and under $180.00
6 months old and up $90.00
Adoption fee can be paid
by cash or charge card
Visa, Mastercard or Discover 

Adoption fee includes:
Spaying or neutering
Distemper/Parvo combo shot
Rabies if old enough
Bag of food 
Free health exam
$8.95 off your 1st Pet insurance month
Heartworm tested-6 months of age 
and up when adopted

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